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Greycells eAssess

Greycells eAssess provides end-to-end solution of automation of examination administration and result publication. Using eAssess Kalingasoft also provides turnkey examination management; where Kalingasoft team takes the entire responsibility of managing the examination administration and result publication process.

eAssess results in reduction of cycle time and process costs by 70% compared to manual methods. For a Deemed University results can be declared within 7 days of completion of examination if administered and the entire controller’s office maybe manned by only about 4-6 full-time resources to manage the exams of a University with 10,000 student strength


eAssess automates the following processes:

  • Exam schedule publication
  • Exam Registration
  • Smartcard based admit cards
  • Question Setting
  • Exam Attendance
  • On-line testing
  • Paper Secrecy (for off-line tests)
  • Marks Collation
  • Moderation
  • Grading
  • Result Publication
  • SMS Based Result Declaration
  • e-Mail based result declaration
  • Compatible with IVRS system

Most Benefited User Segment:

Quality oriented and time conscious young Universities with upto 20,000 students are most suited to reap benefits from this solution. This solution can also be engineered to handle multi-college universities with over 100,000 and single institute autonomous colleges.

Case Study:

KIIT University has been using Kalingasoft powered automation solutions over the past 4 year academic sessions. Kalingasoft team were implemented in hands-on ground level implementation for 1 academic session, after which KIIT in-house team has been sufficiently empowered to manage the solution independently. KIIT has no need to make maintenance requests to Kalingasoft for the past 3 years.

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