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Learning Management System

Our LMS platform helps publishers create interactive content supplemental to their textbooks with minimal time and investment. Unique features of our system include:

  • Uses unique ChalkTalkTM methodology (patent pending) to replicate the classroom experience by playing the instructor’s voice/video in sync with their handwriting
  • Offers quick turnaround time and very low costs of developing / editing content Includes advanced capabilities to include interactive video
  • Fantastic Architecture for a high degree of scalability and flexibility
  • A platform that helps create powerful online and offline interactive content based on content from textbooks and other printed material
  • Online Lectures usine a unique methodology that replicates the classroom experience
  • Practice Questions for Interactive questions and answers to enhance student understanding
  • Engine to help easily generate tests, present solutions and track student performance
  • Platform that allows for easy creation of professional online content at minimal costs
  • easy editing and enhancement of courses
  • User Management

Apart from the above, we bring in numerous features which make it one of the most compelling solutions in the LMS space:

  • Ability for users to download content
  • Ability for users to download lecture notes
  • High degree of security in content
  • Registration and enrollment functionality
  • In-built secure payment module
  • Search functionality
  • SCORM compliance
  • Ability to accommodate multiple languages as well as scripts
  • Discussion forum
  • User communication module
  • Progress tracker
  • Internal usage reports
  • Behavior analysis
  • Instantaneous response to user’s questions
  • Online tutoring through third party tools
  • Synchronized content between internet and offline media such as DVDs
  • Choice of hosted as well as internally-deployed solution


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