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A Day in Office

15th September, 2008

I pressed the playback button on my answering machine and there came the message of one of my close friends, “Hey there, Anannya, How was your day?”

I recollected……

Today was an important day for me. My first interaction with a client, College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar (CEB); and my role required me to give user training to top management, domain experts and user groups as well as resolve any pending issues and submit requirements from their end to our technical team as a part of the requirement & gap analysis process. I was nervous. Anyone would be. The expectations are always so high. But somewhere in my heart I knew everything was going to be fine. Probably it was because of the support I received not just from the technical team (which had spent more than three days in order to make me adept at installing the software without any glitches) but also from the higher management. Yesterday, Mr. Vikal Agarwal – Head, Project Delivery, took out precious time from his busy schedule and explained to me various documentation formats that would be required on that day. Apart from this, I had been receiving constant inputs from Mr. Rajesh Sharma - Director, Product Development and Delivery as well as other members of the higher management of the organization. I was keeping my fingers crossed for this meeting but before I left for the presentation I had to reply to a few important mails from Globsyn Business School, Kolkata – another client of Kalingasoft. The interaction with this client was in the initiation phase. Since I was the interface representing our organization, I was supposed to discuss our requirements and other details that would be necessary when we participated in the gap analysis process that would take place in their institute. Having replied to the Globsyn SPOC (coordinator) with the inputs received from Mr. Vikal, I collected all the relevant documents, and left for CEB where I had to do most of the remaining work for the day.

At CEB, I met the various users who would be using our ERP product - Greycells, and delivered a presentation to them in the auditorium and installed the software in the CEB server. This process took almost an hour and a half as there were a few hook ups in between, but thanks to a wonderful invention called the mobile phone, the technical team readily and patiently solved the problems I was facing there. After the successful installation, I demonstrated the features and usage of the product for users from all levels - from members of the administration to the lecturers. Queries were being raised as the users were getting accustomed to using automated software for attendance, student information, course structures, accounting and other modules that were a part of our ERP.

It was truly a grilling session and I am grateful to the internal team for having prepared me well to tackle all the queries. When I finally got the sign-offs for all the documents from the client side I breathed a sigh of relief. I was happy and satisfied to have completed a task I was being trained for and for which I was being trusted so much.

This particular day in office was a hectic one indeed, but was really gratifying because it was my first experience in the domain of client management and user training in the software industry. I am a relatively new employee with this organization( hardly a month old); but the leap of faith that has been shown on me and the responsibility that has been given to me only goes to show the immense support I receive and the amount of faith the higher management has in me. It’s not just about this particular day. Every day here is a learning experience and thus gratifying.

As I thought about what I would learn the next day at office I could hear Martina Mcbride softly sing into my ears,

“The alarm went off but I wasn’t asleep. After tossin’ and turnin’ all night what a relief To go to work, get up and go to work So I get onto the highway and I head into town There’s one part of my life I won’t let you tear down Yeah and that’s my work-right now. I’m goin’ to work”

Anannya Sarkar

Functional Consultant

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