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eGovernance team at Kalingasoft holds the unique distinction of a very high success rate in e-governance and developmental projects. We have amply demonstrated our commitment to create success stories in e-governance by successfully completing many challenging projects in central & state government departments / organizations and multilateral agencies. We have executed projects in diverse fields of defense, health, human resources and education. Also, we have been instrumental in automation of few departments of the state government of Orissa converting them to a new paradigm of efficient processes supported by technology based solutions. A representative list of our projects is mentioned below:

  • Custom built solutions – Solution for SCB Medical College
  • Paper-less office at OPEPA
  • Portal Design & Process automation at Department of Employment, Orissa
  • Automation of entrance examination & related process at Central Airman Selection Board (CASB) in partnership with Spanco.
  • Health & AIDS awareness program for UNDP in Orissa

We have gained experience in System Integration projects as well as projects with central concept of Government –to-consumer, which enables us to be one of the vital organizations to emerge in near future. At present, we are exploring numerous opportunities along with our consortium of partners. We ourselves and through partners can quickly replicate a large gamut of e-governance success stories in India and abroad. Some such initiatives are as follows:

Community Service Centers

Information kiosks installed in at village / ward level supporting primary & secondary education, helping citizens in completing government processes through web-portals and leading a technology revolution in rural parts of country.

Logistics management in education sector

This concept provides the government authorities and education boards to manage logistics of books and other stationery items for schools.

Automation in office processes of Mines

This concept includes application processing for all types of leases including GIS map, overlap with other leases, forest etc along with support systems for Accounts/HR/other processes

Unique Student Identification Card

Issuing unique identification cards to all enrolled students at State / National level helping authorities to track enrolments, maintain database about student community and integrate the processes with other systems.

Concept of SmartSchool

We aim at improving enrolment rate and pedagogy in educational institutes at primary and secondary level. This includes automation of processes in school, mid-day meal, technology based learning etc.

Knowledge Center for universities/state

We have been working on the concept of developing a centralized Knowledge Center for universities or state government authorities having common pool of resource to be accessed by network of colleges / institutions.

t-Learning (Television based learning)

Through this novel idea of delivering education in remote areas through television, we wish to enable all citizens to access education, lead a prosperous life and contribute to nation’s growth.

Network of health care units at state level

Under this initiative, we want to create an efficient health system by preparing network of health care units (Hospitals, health centers etc.) which will lead to better control over epidemics & major disease outbreaks through daily reporting & resource sharing.

Concept of Paperless office

Automating all processes in an office to achieve higher efficiency, ease in tracking files and overall reduce usage of paper and work towards a “Green Planet”.

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