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Message From the CEO

Over the past 8 years of active operations, we have transformed from a simple amoeba with almost garage mode operations to become a complex organism. What essentially amazes me, a bit smugly at times, that even though we have changed in terms of business models, size, quality of people, maturity of offerings; our basic hunch of creating a viable business model around the education and e-governance space has remained the same. Eight years earlier it needed more optimism than foresight to back this segment. But we have trudged along – constantly goaded by the huge urge to make a difference. And here we are, at the threshold of highly exciting times.

We have always consciously tried to strike a balance between the known and the new. And this I think, is the most important challenge for the company as it tries to reach to the next inflection. We have the base to create the next billion dollar company in education and/or e-governance space [this is a part of our BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goals]. The initial reference investment by IndigoAtlantic, Mauritius is a validation that business model has the potential to make it big; and that helps.

I would also like to quickly add, while one foot is soaring dreamily in the firmament of future opportunities the other is always zealously trying to be rooted in reality. We are aware that we have many more miles to go to reach a position from which we can look back with contentedness. The focus for the next 12-18 months is to make the organization extend its frontiers by enhancing the depth and breadth of our products, have more and more high quality people and partners into the ecosystem, fine tune the business model further to create a cash accrual driven exponential growth engine, increase product and brand visibility & be seen as a thought leader in our chosen domains, raise the bar of internal process, culture and hygiene factors so that our team has a greater sense of delight.

We know we are thinking right; but we also know very well that, in addition to strategizing well we need to execute our strategies better to be successful - that is going to be our lifeline and we need to focus on that the most. Needless to say, we would also need Maradona’s invisible Hand of God to see us through.

This message will be incomplete without acknowledging unequivocally the contribution of our employees, business associates, partners and equally critically our near and dear ones. Kalingasoft is what it is as much for its for them, as much for anyone else. There have been smiling sacrifices and support, amidst chaos and constraints that is associated with young organizations. It was easier for us to do it – because we were armed with all the passion to make all hardships taste like ambrosia – but it must have been quite trying for the families. I can see many an all knowing smile [if not a chuckle] as you read this. I must add that, building teams & careers our young and passionate team members is highly statisfying. We will be delighted if Kalingasoft helps some of them become millionaires.

To sign off, let me tell you that personally we guys, have learnt lots – as individuals and professionals – and we are having a good deal of fun. And am more than happy to welcome you to join the party, in whichever ways you think you can create a win-win for yourself and for the organization.


If you want, to are welcome to visit us JLT (Just Like That) and have coffee together – we will be delighted to share our dreams with you.

Thanks for reading this letter, hope you found it to be a good read – despite its length. Wish us good luck; we would need all of that to achieve even a part of what of what we set ourselves to achieve.

Yours Sincerely

Srijat Mishra

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